I upload videos on Youtube. Here are links. Our idea is using MadMapper and show videos on several windows and that’s why we make five videos.


On last Wednesday we took video.

We originally intended to take on Tuesday afternoon, but memory stick is not big enough.

I take some videos that we were on the way, the process. But then my phone has broken. So most of my photos and videos disappear.

Afterwards, we realised that this project is just about projection mapping. Audiences don’t have mouse and computer to control which video they want to see. So we gave up website idea. We decided only take videos.


Until 21/10, we come up with a preliminary forming idea: a website and many short videos.

I want to use Muse because it’s an easy way to make a website.



On the left side is the whole area map. On right top is the location details which I can use Muse–Widgets Library–Social–Google Maps to insert directly. On right bottom is the social media and description of restaurants. When audience clicks on a map, the video will come up.

John and Tobias told us a useful website which allowed importing SVG map into Illustrator  and edit again:

But we cannot open it in AI, the shape is so weird.

Then we found another web:

But that need coding knowledge, so I screenshot. And Ryen changed the shape of map and make it looks better.


Then we did a test.



I found a useful website:


The map part is almost exactly what we need. And the interactive way of this website is really inspired me. I understand I cannot achieve this effect but I like the interface and colour matching very much.



That is a google map and we mark restaurants on it. We chose some special restaurants in elephant castle and divided them into six parts with different cultures. We discuss how to classify these restaurants for a quite long time. Because there are some restaurants that really hard to classify. Maybe you don’t know its area of origin. Also, we discuss whether we need a category called “chain” or “Cafe”. 

We wanted to use Muse, PS, AI, Flash, Aftereffects, MadMapper at first, then we realised we didn’t have much time to contact and to be familiar with all software. So we learned how to use Muse and Aftereffects and Oliver taught us how to use MadMapper.



This is  the group work. Team members: Ryan Yuen, Patrick Connolly and me.

Our first idea is about social media. We want to survey some company and gather their social media (website, address, telephone, postcode,description,etc) together. Then we give up this idea. Firstly, it is unnecessary to collect information of companies. Secondly, it is difficult to find that information.

We decide to do restaurant map. Here are our initial concepts. We want to choose a specific space area around LCC in elephant & castle and pick some different types of restaurants. We want to shoot video of going restaurant from LCC at that time.This idea throughout our whole working process. We plan to borrow equipment from the kit room and shoot video on the bus as well as walking. On the bus, we can shoot both left and right sides the audience can understand the way easier.  Here are some sketches on my notebook. 

(from left to right and top to bottom)

1st. the area around LCC.

2nd. brainstorm and software decided

3rd. the idea of video shooting on the bus and using MadMapper

4th. a specific way to show map detail