Sketches and visual expression

WIP Exhibition:


屏幕快照 2019-05-10 12.00.26


A gashapon machine and each gashapon have an instruction.

A provocative manifesto includes controversial but often-talked about topics on Weibo (Chinese Twitter). Printed it on a big paper and invite audiences to follow the instruction in the gashapon and do some lingual changes.


A website that includes all manifesto and the audience can choose a sentence in it. The programme will automatically do the changes for you.

example_画板 1


Some visual elements I produced that related to the self-censorship

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  1. Eye of Providence without eyes
  2. A Winnie Pooh consists of emoji
  3. A mechanical eye created in p5js
  4. Handwriting pronoun


Narrative images

Each poster tells a story about self-censorship. Some might be related to this topic while others are abstract storytelling.

屏幕快照 2019-05-19 16.37.05

Cathedral of Socialism

Bauhaus and self-censorship

包豪斯的悖论 社会主义与政治无关性



Multiple Virtual Identities



The world we live in


屏幕快照 2019-05-19 16.34.27

Distortion Field

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