Self-censorship / WIP

Self-censorship is the act of censoring or classifying one’s own discourse. This is done out of fear of, or deference to, the sensibilities or preferences (actual or perceived) of others and without overt pressure from any specific party or institution of authority.

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how we give in step by step from 和谐社会 to 水产

“Rivercrabbing” in the second paragraph is a Euphemisms for Internet censorship in China. I am not surprised to see China here at all.

When I am doing this project, I am in the situation of self-censorship as well. If I have done it well, I dare not to post them online. If I have done it badly, I don’t need to post them online to make a fool of myself. The result is the same, this project is only suited for submitting as a school assignment.


This is a project about online self-censorship. In this project, the audience can see the process that how self-censorship changes our talking behaviours on social media and how we give up expressing sharp points in exchange for undisturbed.receivernotfound

If you reply to any tweets with word that contains the surname of China’s president (Xi=习) in Weibo (Chinese Twitter), this reply will automatically disappear in the comment section. You are the only one can see it and you won’t know others will not see it. You can’t against this rule so you type in another language instead. And next time before you send a tweet, you realise this rule and you decide don’t take this risk. You gave up some of the rights that were originally yours, even its insignificant.

There’s another situation: you know that they will ban this specific word, so you choose to use emoji instead. But the algorithm banned this emoji as well. Then you think next time you’ll use slash or asterisk to cut off each character or write the word upside down, or use homophonic network language, still doesn’t work. After you try many different ways you finally safe, but your clear and strong opinion has already become a bunch of garbled, which only you can understand it. You didn’t give in to the censorship mechanism, you worked hard against self-censorship, but the result is still the same. Receiver still not found.

One thing we talked about in the class is the forbidden words would not take turns, only more and more. Things already passed but those words are kept in secret forever.


We all know self-censorship is related to politics a lot, but


sensitive word: 996  (It derives its name from its requirement that employees work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days per week. A number of Chinese internet companies have adopted this system as their official work schedule. Critics argue the 996 working hour system is a flagrant violation of Chinese law.)


The content:

In the case of being forced to work 10 hours, 12 hours, or even 14 hours a day, in 1st May 1886, more than 200,000 workers in Chicago in the United States took to the streets to fight for an eight-hour work system. To commemorate the workers’ movement, in July 1889, the Second International announced that it would set the annual today as the common festival of the international proletariat, Labor Day.

The picture: parade

The pop-up: No view permission

Material Preparation

6 controversial but often-talked-about topics.

  • feminism
  • show business
  • politics
  • religion
  • LGBT
  • euthanasia/death penalty

(maybe more gashapons later)

The other side of the self-censorship, apart from the government, will have different communities (groups) depending on the events. Fans group, religious fanatics, homophobia, etc.

6 instructions on each paragraph.

(Guaranteed to understand as much as possible after abbreviations)

  • delete all vowel characters
  • replace as much as possible words into emoji👿
  • use abbreviation on some word
  • use placeholder between each word (@#$%^&*+)
  • reverse a word
  • use pronouns (You-Know-Who for Voldemort)


You are being taught by people who have been able to accommodate themselves to a regime of thought laid down by their predecessors. It is a self-perpetuating system. Those of you who are more robust and individual than others will be encouraged to leave and find ways of educating yourself — educating your own judgements. Those that stay must remember, always, and all the time, that they are being moulded and patterned to fit into the narrow and particular needs of this particular society.

Show Business:

Wrecking Ball was provocative, had a huge impact on pop culture and broke the vevo record. Miley is white and pop. It wins video of the year. Anaconda was provocative, had a huge impact on pop culture and broke the vevo record. Nicki is black and rap. It doesn’t even get nominated.


This Dog got it right at local Polling Station by having a SHIT this how we all in this country feel about politics in UK.


Chinese authorities are using a mobile app to carry out illegal mass surveillance & arbitrary detention of Muslims in China’s western Xinjiang region. “monitoring every aspect of people’s lives”


‘Homosexuality is the correct sexual orientation’ is an objective fact. ‘Acknowledging homosexuality is the correct sexual orientation’ is a personal choice.

(I retweet and said: ‘Acknowledging homosexuality is the correct sexual orientation’ is a personal choice. Advocating and appealing on ‘homosexuality is the correct sexual orientation is a personal choice’ is the wrong behaviour. Acknowledging paedophilia is also a personal choice. Everything in the world is a personal choice. How can anyone force you to choose something you don’t like? It’s not Cultural Revolution. But your behaviour is not correct. It’s not normal. You can’t be proud of it.)

(And of course, I use abbreviation ‘lt’ and ‘wg’ to instead paedophilia and Cultural Revolution based on Chinese pronunciation.)


my strange addiction is the reason i believe in euthanasia.

(some perverts will ask what’s ur strange addiction/do you wanna play with me)


Those are six mean words. Some of them make sense and others are abreaction.



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