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In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.

—— Andy Warhol, 1968


Everyone wants 15 minutes to be fame every day.

——One participant of We Live in Public Project, 1999


At present, because there are so many channels by which an individual might attain fame, albeit not enduring fame, virtually anyone can become famous for a brief period of time.

In the future, everyone will be obscure for 15 minutes.

There are some visual demonstrations that expressing the relationship of coherent entangled information explosion.


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Steganography vs Signified | Machine vs Human

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 05.15.11

Messages can be understood by the machine not human.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 05.17.33

Messages can be understood by human not machine.

Homonym and Acronym


He Xie, which is a homonym for harmony and a phrase that is used regularly by the government.




Focusing on the topic that ‘how machine can change our behaviour’.

‘Receiver Not Found’ could have two interpretations. One is from the government which will let some ‘dangerous people’ disappear, the other is from the net friends who can’t know all your screen names and social media account, which means they can only know a part of you. When you discard this account, they will lose you forever.

Self-gaze, or self-censorship, shows the experience that people constantly reflect on their behaviour in daily online surfing. Not only is the subject of being monitored, but also as the subject of the speech and the individual being watched by others.

The purpose of the government is making us be conscious of self-censorship, online and offline.

Although being watched all the time, people still would like to post privacy online to get some attention back, and looking for friendship in cyberspace is a convenient way indeed.

How do people self-examine? How do people make friends online? How do people examine themselves and make friends at the same time?

Unfortunately, we cannot type words and images in one sentence and that’s the reason we need emoji. emoji is one of the most commonly used signified in network language. By transferring the mental concept into a visual element, the original meaning of the words will not be lost but can escape online surveillance at the same time.


emoji mosaic


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Homonym and Acronym are two ways when people post something online (for example, on social media) to express opinions or say some bad words but don’t want others to search because we don’t quite understand how the search engine works.

For example, if one wants to say something about the 主席 (chairman) on Weibo (Chinese twitter) but he afraid that others know. To be on the safe side, he would type this word as 主/席 or . So we can use emoji to instead word.


Chinese Cyborg poem

information hide in messy code


Text – Pronunciation translation

Hieroglyphic translation

Classic Chinese meaning translation

Meaning Extend translation

Mixed translation


Multiple virtual identities


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